Forget Brexit or Crexit . . . COAPE goes truly International! Exciting new developments at home and abroad!!

COAPE Directors vet Dr Robert Falconer-Taylor and Professor Peter Neville are delighted to announce a triple whammy of great news for the international future of COAPE and all students, past and future!

First, COAPE in the UK has been acquired by Yvonne MacKender DipCABT, and is now offering top quality hands-on practical courses in training and behaviour, and other pet related subjects for everyone interested, and CPD courses for CAPBT members and others in the field.

Second, COAPE South Africa's licensed territory has been officially expanded to offer COAPE approved on-line courses in behaviour and training (and later pet nutrition) in English WORLDWIDE and, crucially, the development of the market-leading residential COAPE Diploma into an INTERNATIONAL COAPE DIPLOMA on-line study format.

Third, COAPE Poland is expanding rapidly with the further development of the COAPE Diploma and residential courses and seminars for behaviourists, trainers and veterinarians, and on-line courses for Polish speaking students everywhere. COAPE Poland has also just announced a most important academic collaborative 'first' for COAPE anywhere in the world!

1) COAPE is delighted to announce that the exclusive rights to present COAPE Approved 'hands-on' and practically based courses in companion animal behaviour, behaviour therapy, training, nutrition, health, law and welfare in the UK have been acquired by COAPE Senior Tutor Yvonne Mackender DipCABT(RQF Level 6).

Yvonne has been closely involved with COAPE for over two decades, first as a student who progressed to achieve the highest, degree level of qualification of the renowned COAPE Diploma, and latterly as a COAPE Senior Tutor. Yvonne is also a Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (MAPDT 253) and FitPAWS™ Master Trainer & Certified Canine Fitness Trainer with the University of Tennessee.

Yvonne already runs many courses in canine behaviour and training and CPD programmes for her colleagues in the COAPE Association of applied Behaviourists and Trainers (CAPBT), as well as a range of dog training, puppy and specialist classes and referral behaviour services at her unique COAPE Approved Behaviour and Training Centre near Ely in Cambs. COAPE is absolutely delighted that many of these practical education courses will now carry the 'COAPE Approved' endorsement and that our ground-breaking integrated approach to the understanding of companion behaviour and training will now be developed to new heights under Yvonne's skilful direction.

Yvonne will have the unique right in the UK to use the COAPE name, logo and trademarks, and will be supported by the on-going consultancy services of both Robert and Peter, who may also help to present courses from time to time in specialist areas such as psychopharmacology, behavioural nutrition, feline behaviour and the famous EMRA™ and ESTA™ approaches to animal behaviour assessment and treatment pioneered by COAPE. For further information please contact Yvonne at

2) COAPE is equally delighted to announce that in future, the exclusive international rights to present COAPE Approved distance learning courses in English in companion animal behaviour, therapy, training and nutrition have been awarded to our existing licensee for Africa, COAPE South Africa.

Founder Karin Pienaar (née Landsberg) DipCABT first offered COAPE courses in South Africa in 2007 after studying for her COAPE Diploma in the UK, and then teamed up with Wendy Wilson DipCABT in 2009 to forge the market-leading and hugely successful COAPE education programme for Africa. Many of their courses, including the residential COAPE Diploma, are now accredited South African Veterinary Council CPD courses for veterinarians and para-professionals.

Karin and Wendy have a strong dedicated team of 10 Diploma Tutors (all Diploma graduates) and a team of 11 trained markers, and so are perfectly positioned and administratively fully established to expand into global on-line provision of all of the COAPE distance learning courses, and also courses of their own, which are also fully COAPE approved.

Most exciting of all, COAPE South Africa is currently developing the renowned residential COAPE Diploma into a fully on-line International Diploma that can be studied by anyone anywhere in the world, and at a highly competitive price. The International COAPE Diploma is currently being tested largely in South Africa and will be available globally in 2019. For further information about COAPE South Africa, to register interest for the International Diploma in 2019 and for details of all of their courses please see and contact

3) COAPE Polska has been an ever-growing success story since it was formed by COAPE Diplomate and former psychotherapist Andrzej Klosinski MA DipCABT in 2005. Under Andrzej's pioneering direction, it is now expanding rapidly with the further development of practical and applied aspects of the COAPE Diploma in Poland. Andrzej and his team now offer a range of COAPE and COAPE approved residential courses and seminars for behaviourists, trainers, veterinarians and pet-sitters, and on-line courses for Polish speaking students everywhere. COAPE Polska has also recently signed an agreement of future co-operation in a number of research and education areas with the Veterinary Department of the University of Life Sciences in Wroclaw, the first academic collaboration of its kind for COAPE anywhere in the world. For further information about COAPE Polska and their courses please see and contact

Dr Robert Falconer-Taylor and Professor Peter Neville will be continuing to act as consultants to all three iterations of COAPE on the home and international stage, and are absolutely delighted that the pioneering methodology, professional ideals and leading-edge scientific approaches to companion animal behaviour and training developed by COAPE over the first 25 years will continue into the next 25 under such professional and capable direction.


The COAPE Association of Applied Pet Behaviourists and Trainers (CAPBT) is the largest specifically qualified association for pet behaviourists and trainers in the UK. Membership means that all CAPBT pet behaviourists and trainers in the UK, South Africa, Poland and many other countries offer pet owners a guarantee of quality and insured professionalism when seeking help with the treatment of behaviour problems in your pets, or in training your dog or puppy.

All CAPBT members are holders (or fully enrolled students) of the industry leading COAPE Diploma (DipCABT) in Practical Aspects of Companion Animal Behaviour and Training which was independently accredited by Certa between 2002 and 2018 and also regulated by Ofqual on the national education system for independent providers of education between 2015 and 2017. Many members of the association are also veterinary surgeons, nurses, human clinicians, psychologists and animal welfare professionals who incorporate their behaviour work into their existing professional activities.

Some COAPE Behaviourists and Trainers choose to specialise in particular areas of behaviour work, such as in the treatment of canine aggression or feline problems and many also offer other useful related services such as dog training classes, puppy classes, boarding kennels and hydrotherapy.

CAPBT members are required to maintain their state-of-the-art competence and knowledge through attending Continuing Professional Development courses and have ongoing access to a wealth of expertise and support via a lively Members Association of over 200 qualified members. All CAPBT members work under a strict Code of Practice which includes the assurance that coercive or punitive techniques and equipment are never used in treatment. You can be assured of the very best qualified, professional and up to date help with a CAPBT member. CLICK HERE to find your local CAPBT behaviourist and trainer for help with your pet's behaviour and training.